The transport of the deceased to another country



Your close relative may have requested their funeral in another country. The relatives, who want to fulfill this last wish of the deceased, face many problems and much bureaucracy, which is saved thanks to the service of the Islamische Bestattung. All necessary authorities in Austria and in the country of the requested funeral are contacted and all necessary documents are provided. No matter in which country the funeral is to take place, the Islamische Bestattung makes it possible to transport the deceased in the fastest way possible. The desire to be buried in one’s own home is fulfilled by the Islamische Bestattung without much delay.

Why you should trust our company?

Because we can rely on many years of experience, during which we have built up a large network in all countries to be able to do everything smoothly and quickly. Thus, the transfer is carried out with no delay. But if, for some reason or another, the deceased should have to wait longer, we will provide them with the facilities and premises for proper custody, and will do all the necessary administrative work.

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