Islamic Rituals

All Muslims who have..

Islamic ablution

All Muslims who have lost a loved one will want to perform their funeral in a religious way. In order to enable you to do this, when practicing our work, we obey the rules of Islam and the Sunnah of the Prophet Hz. Muhammad (peace be upon him).

According to the rules of Islam, the washing of the deceased may only be done by a Muslim. Female deceased women and male deceased are washed by a washer .According to Islam, the deceased are washed three times from head to toe. This procedure uses warm water and soap. The washing is carried out in the so-called gas room – here only Muslim deceased are washed.

If desired, males may be present in the washing of the deceased male and females may be present in the ablution of a female deceased.

Islamic shroud


After the ablution, the deceased is “clothed” in accordance with Islamic regulations with an Islamic shroud. The face is free, so that the male relatives who were not allowed to take part in the washing can say goodbye to the female deceased. This procedure is also carried out in an Islam conforming way.

After wrapping in the Islamic shroud, the deceased is placed in the coffin.

Islamic coffin

An islamic coffin is made of wood only. After wrapping the deceased into the Islamic shroud, the corpse is placed in the coffin looking to the right. Actually, a coffin is not necessarily needed at an Islamic funeral, but it is not prohibited. But since it is prescribed in Austria that all Muslim deceased must be placed in a coffin, this is also done.

The coffin with the deceased is turned in the direction of Kaba and the funeral prayer is performed. After the prayer, which is held together with all members of the funeral, the deceased is taken to the grave.

Islamic funeral

According to Islamic dictum, the deceased is placed in the grave on the right side. If they wish, the relatives can help with the embedding in the grave. Upon request, the ancestor is left with the relatives before the grave is filled up with earth.

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