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The Islamic funeral..

The Islamic funeral should take place relatively soon after the death.



So it is recommended by the Islamic theology. Thanks to our experience, our functional equipment and our excellent contacts to consulates, authorities, etc., we are able to make the Islamic burial very promptly.
An Islamic burial must be carried out according to fixed rites. This requires special knowledge, which of course our qualified employees have. Another reason why you should hire our funeral home with an Islamic funeral is that we individually address the needs of each individual customer.


We have made it our mission to provide our Muslim brothers and sisters with the best and most comprehensive service in Austria. In addition, we want to ensure with our services that every Muslim in Austria receives a dignified Islamic burial or transfer to his native country. It goes without saying that we do our utmost to support the bereaved in order to relieve some of their burden during these difficult hours.


We have set ourselves the goal of providing Islamic Muslims living in Austria with an Islamic funeral, as practiced in all Islamic countries. The reason is the strong increase in demand more and more Muslims living in Austria, after an Islamic burial inland. The Islamic burial in Austria is easily possible nowadays because numerous cemeteries cooperate with us and provide graves that are aligned according to the legislation of the Islamic burial.


For over 40 years, we have worked for our Muslim Siblings in the field of Islamic burial and conviction. Every day and night, 365 days a year, we are your competent partner. Trustworthiness, honesty, the highest quality and comprehensive service are our priority. We offer a fast and accurate service. We benefit from the fact that we have a widespread service network. Our branch network covers all of Austria. We are equipped with modern funeral vehicles and professional equipment. In addition, we can rely on experienced, Muslim staff, which is absolutely trustworthy.

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