We are on standby 24 hours.

Overview Islamic Funeral Services



We are on standby 24 hours. This also applies to weekends and all holidays.

We take over the care of the deceased from the place of death.

We take care of the necessary formalities at the responsible embassies and consulates.

We handle all customs formalities for you.

We transfer the corpse to all Austrian cemeteries and cemeteries abroad. The transfer takes place by plane or by our funeral vehicles.

    • Taking over the funeral organization and the ceremony according to Islamic prescriptions for the deceased.
    • We handle the entire transport of your deceased in and from Austria to any cemetery you desire. Depending on your request, the transport can be done by plane or with one of our funeral cars.
    • All regulatory matters are dealt with quickly and competently.
    • The deceased persons buried in Austria are embedded exclusively according to Islamic laws.
    • The Islamic funeral service is also available for you on all public holidays 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Takes reservations of airline tickets for relatives who arrive from abroad or want to fly home.

Emergency aid in bereavement



Wir sind 24/7, 365 Tage im Jahr für Sie erreichbar und stehen Ihnen zur Seite. Wenn uns Ihr Anruf erreicht, ganz gleich, an welchem Tag und zu welcher Uhrzeit, werden wir umgehend für Sie tätig und verlieren keine Zeit. In dieser schweren Situation sollten die Hinterbliebenen nicht warten müssen, sondern schnelle Hilfe erfahren.

Regulatory steps


For transfers abroad, a certificate from the health department is required that the deceased does not pose a risk of infection. We also procure this certificate for you. If you entrust our undertaker with a transfer, you do not have to deal with applicable rules and regulations.

Religious duties


Any Muslim who loses a loved one will want to perform the funeral in a religious manner. In order to make this possible, in carrying out our work, we are following the precepts of Islam and Sunnah of the Prophet Hz. Muhammed (peace be upon him). According to the rules of Islam, for example, the washing of the deceased may only be done by a Muslim.



Its obvious may have desired the funeral in another country. The relatives who want to fulfill this last wish of their deceased face many problems along this path. Thanks to the Islamic funeral service, a work involving a lot of paperwork and procedures becomes an easy organization.

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