Islamic Cemetery Vienna

Islamic Cemetery Vienna

First of all there is the Islamic Cemetery Vienna at Großmarktstraße 2a, 1230 Vienna. It is located in the Blumental, on the edge of the Liesingbach.

After Islamic burials were originally only allocated part of the Vienna Central Cemetery and its capacity was quickly used up, a new solution was sought. Two decades of negotiations between the Islamic Faith Community and the City of Vienna followed. The result of this phase was the opening of the first Islamic cemetery in Vienna in 2008. The first burial took place on March 27, 2009 – since then, Muslims have been buried there in the traditional way.

Islamic burials in Vienna

If you have decided on a traditional Islamic burial, the question now arises as to which cemetery is the right one for this. There are two Islamic cemeteries in Vienna. Both have the infrastructure to allow a farewell according to Islamic tradition.

Important information about the funeral

The City of Vienna leaves the Islamic Faith Community largely complete autonomy with regard to traditional rites. In contrast to the traditional Islamic burial, in which the corpse is only wrapped in cloth, a coffin is mandatory in Vienna.

A newly deceased is washed from head to toe three times with hot water and soap. This is for the fulfillment of the Sunnah provision.

In the sense of Islamic tradition, the body is placed in the coffin on the right side of the body with the face facing Mecca. After the funeral prayer, he is carried to the grave, which also points towards Mecca.

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